Top 10 Slot Machine Tips

If you love playing slot machines online or offline then you are more than likely looking for the best slot machine tips to help you beat the odds. If so then we hope the following slots tips will help you be the next one to hear the bells ring and the lights flash.

Slot tips # 1. Loose Slot Machine

Yes, this not a myth. Some slot machines are looser than others. A loose machine will payout more often than other machines. All slot machines are programmed to pay out at different percentages of what the machine takes in. For offline slot machines, you will have to guess which machines are loose as they will not be a sign or an arrow pointing to the loose machines in the casino. Online is a bit different. You will be able to read ads that let you know the percentage of payout. You may find one that states that they have a 90 % or higher payout. This means that for every $1 they take in they pay out 90 cents.

Slot tips # 2. Bonuses and Comps

For offline casinos, keep an eye out for comps that you can receive for playing at the casino. If you are a frequent player at a specific casino, you may even receive special offers in the mail. Remember, if the casino has their own slot card, to always use it to save up your comp points. For online slot machines sign up bonuses and other bonuses are offered all the time.

Slot tips #3. Wasting time on Progressives

If you are not willing to pay the max on slot machines, then the best slots tips is to steer clear of the progressive machines. If you do happen to be playing a progressive slot machine and do hit the jackpot, but if you were not playing the max then you will be out of luck of winning the progressive jackpot.

Slot tips #4. Keep to your Budget

Always set a budget before you walk into the casino or sit down to play online. Never spend more than the amount you have set aside. If you lose that amount of money, it is time to leave.

Slot tips #5. Wait it out

Many times once a person hits a jackpot even a small one, they will get up and walk away from their slot machine. This is not always a good idea. The machine may not realize that it just paid out so to speak, or you may have even found yourself a loose machine. It is well worth your time to try it for a bit longer.

Slot tips #6. Stay with your Machine

If you hit a jackpot and need assistance or your machine has problems and you have credit on the slot machine, do not get up, and search for a staff member. Turn on the light asking for help and stay put. Someone else may claim your jackpot.

Slot tips #7. Know the machine

Do not sit down and just start putting money in the machine and pull the handle. You should know if you need to play the max to win the progressive, if you are playing multi-line slots, and what you need in order to win the payout.

Slots tips #8. Your mood

If you are tired, grumpy, or just not in a great mood, you should not play. Too many people rely on games and yes, slot machines to try to change their negative mood into a positive one. This can cause you to sit there for hours and spend more money than you should to try to get into a good mood.

Slots tips #9 Different Progressives

If you really want to play progressives but do not wish to play the ones that need five coins to win the jackpot search for other slot machines. You can find some three and two coins slot machine offering a progressive jackpot.

Slots tips #10. Enjoy yourself

Whether you play online or offline, you should be playing to have fun and for entertainment purposes. If you are only there to try to win it big, you are going to be disappointed more times, than you are going to enjoy playing. Slots are games and you should have fun playing instead of stressing out trying to hit a jackpot.

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